In assuming the support and update responsibilities of the Wolfgang Puck website, Monarch Digital brought our deep knowledge of Drupal, our use of best practices, and our overall technical knowledge to move the site forward in maintainability and functionality.

We pride ourselves in our consistent efforts to conduct website support and development the “Drupal way” - to approach solutions in a way that most appropriately utilizes Drupal’s various interfaces and programming conventions. Often times there are other approaches that might seem to be quicker or easier, but we’ve discovered that these decisions can later create more work than was anticipated.

Taking over the support for a pre-existing and unfamiliar website can easily be more difficult to enhance than a site that you developed from scratch. We’ve never shied away from this type of challenge though and over time it has become a another specialty skillset in our repertoire.

We consistently work with the site project manager to add new and engaging content, as well as structural changes and features. This is all done under demanding deadlines dictated by a competitive business sector. Our clients work hard to stay competitive, and Monarch Digital works just as hard to help give them the edge they need to excel. We’re proud to be working with Wolfgang Puck and look forward to helping the company “spice up” their presence on the web.